Range Rover, Jaguar F-Pace on Transporter Scalped by Low Bridge

In total, four luxury vehicles, an insurance policy, and a driver’s pride were damaged in the incident.

byJames Gilboy|
Jaguar News photo

Four luxury SUVs were severely damaged in a collision between a car carrier and a railroad bridge in Scotland. Three Range Rovers and a Jaguar F-Pace went under the bridge whole but came out without their tops.

Just after 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, a car carrier traveling past the railway station in Perth, Scotland attempted to drive under the station's low bridge, according to The Courier. While the truck's cab was low enough to pass beneath the bridge, the cargo on top of its trailer wasn’t

As the trailer passed beneath the bridge, the metal bridge ripped the roofs off the leading Land Rover and the Jaguar, likely totaling both vehicles. The trailing Land Rovers sustained significant damage as well, though it is unclear to what extent. The Courier reports that this is but one of several incidents involving commercial vehicle impacts on the four-meter-high (13 feet) bridge in recent years.

"The Range Rover had its roof torn clean off and the car behind it was pretty badly damaged as well," said taxi driver Charlie Stevenson, who was nearby at the time of the accident, and reported hearing an "almighty crash."

Traffic was impacted for around an hour, while train service was delayed for a longer period of time. Infrastructure engineers for Network Rail Scotland had to visit the site to verify the bridge's integrity, during which trains were restricted to 5 mph while crossing the bridge. Inspectors concluded that the bridge was intact, and greenlit further rail travel.

"Bridge has been inspected and has been passed fit for rail traffic," the railroad announced via twitter. "Can't say the same for the vehicle(s) that struck it. #CheckYourHeight"