TopHat Classics Builds the 400 Horsepower Land Rover Defenders of Your Dreams

When price isn’t an option, you might want to take a look at these works of art.

byMax Goldberg|
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There are plenty of Defender restoration shops across the world, each of them adventurous, each of them with their own style. However, TopHat Classics in Tempe, Arizona and The Netherlands takes Land Rover Defender restoration and modification to a whole new level. 

Without turning defenders into an over-the-top build, they beautifully upgrade each vehicle to perform with the best of them. Most builds receive a full engine, drivetrain, brakes, air suspension upgrade courtesy of owners Carel Von Helsdingen and Alex Zeeman. In addition, TopHat Classics drops in an LS3 V8 (Corvette engine) into the Defender giving it a little over 400 horsepower. Essentially, a TopHat Defender has all the luxuries of a modern SUV and the esthetic appeal of the old Defenders. The TopHat version even has heated and cooled seats, a large upgrade for the manually adjusted original seats.

Although pricing is not immediately disclosed, you can imagine these one-off beauties go for a pretty penny. Future owners can ask special requests from exclusive paint and leather schemes to handcrafted wooden cabinetry. Essentially, your Defender can be an extension of your individuality. Check out these amazing machines below.

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