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What Are You Driving This Summer?

It's nearly time to roll out for summer vacation. Tell us about your ride and your itinerary.

For the second summer in a row, I’m opting to drive from Texas to Indiana for my annual pilgrimage to my hometown. The weather is nicer up north and we’re heading toward valuable quality time with family; it’s worth every one of the 19 hours it takes to drive there. The roads are hypnotic and soothing as cities and whole states pass us by, and a curated playlist accompanies the ride. Last summer, I drove a Chrysler Pacifica from here to there in the middle of the lockdown, opting for drive-throughs instead of restaurant stops and getting in and out as quickly as we could manage. Minivans get a bad rap, but I’ll tell you this: they are spectacularly comfortable for road trips. It’s like driving a recliner around. 

This country is full of wonder, and there is so much to see that any one person would be challenged to see it all in a lifetime. Where are you vacationing this year, and what are you driving to get there? 

Kristin Shaw

I’m especially curious if you have plans to take an EV on a long trip; I’d like to know how you’re planning for recharge stops and what tools you’re using to think ahead. If you’re driving a gas-powered vehicle, you might be thinking about the potential gas shortage or maybe fuel economy isn’t on your mind at all. 

Whether you’re taking a solo trip like Michael Digiorgio did in his brand-new C8 or The Drive‘s own Jerry Perez navigating a family trip to the Smoky Mountains in a Tahoe, there are memories to be made. Last summer was my first experience towing an RV for a long distance, and I was surprised by how fun it was. Once you know how to hook it up, unhook it, and make turns, you’re golden. Having an SUV or truck with brawny towing capacity helps, too

There are a few automobile museum stops I’d like to take along the way, like the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed in Lincoln, Nebraska, or the Chevy Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. After so many months of uncertainty, it seems like a good time to flex those tires and head out. 

Snacks: check. Entertainment for the kids: check. Playlist: check. Share with us where you’re headed; maybe you have great ideas for all of us for the ultimate summer road trip. 

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