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School’s Out for Summer

The place: Boca Raton High School's parking lot. The time: the last day of class in 1987. The cars: awesome.

There isn’t a shortage of Handycam-quality school vids from the ’80s and ’90s floating around the internet. There’s one in particular, however, that captures a parade of kids leaving Boca Raton High School (Go Bobcats) on the last day of school in 1987 that’s especially fun to watch as a car enthusiast. The vehicles are amazing, and the nostalgia hits hard.

I know this video has cropped up on Reddit and Instagram and elsewhere over the years, but The Drive staff here was enjoying it on this fine early-summer Friday afternoon and wanted to spread some joyous school’s out vibes.

The blander cars are neat to see in near-new condition, but you’ll see some true gems of the era if you let the video ride. There are so many rear window louvers! The Toyota at about the 01:35 mark is particularly sweet. The T-top Mustang at around 01:45, driven by a dude who looks like the bad guy in a ski movie, also feels quintessentially rad. There’s also a pink Karmann Ghia at 03:22, a whole lot of malaise sedans, Nissan Zs, and a few Chevrolet/Pontiac muscle cars to hunt for.

A Pontiac Fiero makes a cameo parked off to the side, but it got feature billing in another clip from the same guy. If you watch “Last Day of School – Boca High 1987” all the way to the end the credits say “1986-87, The Year In Video, Produced And Edited By Josh Braun.”

It didn’t take much digging to find some of Braun‘s other uploads, namely “Senior Skip Day 1987” (full of nostalgia but not so much cars) and “First Week of School – Boca High 1987” aka “Back To School Bobcat Style” which is very cute and has some Fiero action in the beginning.

The Josh Braun YouTube channel only has 840 subscribers and seems largely dormant; I wonder if the original poster realizes how many times his old high school video projects have been enjoyed by people all over the world.

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