Robert Downey Jr. Swaps Classic Cars To EVs, Biodiesel, Hybrids in New HBO Show

And it looks like famous YouTuber Rich Rebuilds is involved, too.

byPeter Holderith|
Builds photo
HBO via YouTube

Iron Man is a big gearhead, as it turns out. Robert Downey Jr. has a trailer out for a new TV show he's hosting on HBO MAX called Downey's Dream Cars, and it's all about modifying classics to be more sustainable. Yes, EV conversions will be a part of it, but it looks a little more nuanced than that.

If the trailer is to be believed, Downey will be getting help from—among others—the internet's own Rich Rebuilds, the YouTuber who V8-swapped a Tesla Model S and is in the process of diesel-swapping a Model 3. Indeed, Downey seems to be taking sustainability from a diverse point of view, with the trailer mentioning not only a full electric swap but biodiesel and even hybrids.

The cars shown in the trailer include a C2 Corvette Stingray, a VW Bus, a Buick Riviera GS, an El Camino, and more. Some may be out of Downey's personal collection. It's assumed that most of them will be getting more environmentally friendly drivetrain swaps. If Rich Rebuilds has anything to do with it, that likely means extracting parts from wrecked or unloved cars that would otherwise go undriven.

It takes deep pockets and or a lot of skill to make electric conversions go smoothly, which makes Downey a good choice of host. The actor is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Another Marvel Universe celebrity, Jeremy Renner, recently hosted a car show as well. The program, called "Rennervations," mostly dealt with transforming trucks and buses into refurbished utility vehicles to support local communities. Downey's show seems much more focused on the enthusiast aspect, which will likely appeal more to a classic car-loving audience.

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