2008 Ram 3500 Rodeo Rig With a ‘50s Face Swap Needs Saving

This weird mashup of vehicles comes with a 1950’s Dodge truck front end and a six-speed manual transmission.

byChris Rosales|
Builds photo

It’s Saturday. So it’s time for another edition of weird cars for sale that were built by people of questionable mind and intent. There’s been some real bangers these last few weeks, but the latest strange custom build involves a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 with a ‘50s face swap.

As is customary for random cars for sale, details are scarce but photos tell most of the story. Though in this case, there’s some evidence to suggest that the truck was built or commissioned by someone close to the seller. Either way, someone took a 2008 Ram 3500 with a diesel and a six-speed manual and chopped into a custom rodeo bed rig with the face of an early ‘50s Dodge 1/2 Ton Pickup. And this thing is mint. 

According to the listing, the two-tone paint job is fresh and there are custom touches to bed lighting along with the custom bodywork it took to sew together the old front with the new body. There’s a couple of especially dope touches to the truck, like the heart-shaped marker lights on the bed, arrow-shaped indicators, and the extremely random “Final Edition” script painted on the side of the truck. It’s all a bit chaotic but in the best way possible.

This bodywork happens to wrap an extremely decent truck. It has some sort of diesel engine, likely making it a highly desirable Cummins inline-six, and its driven through a six-speed manual. The interior is full leather and the truck in general looks fully loaded. The listing says its a Laramie, which is a fairly high trim on its own. Though it does have 176,000 miles on it. As they say, it’s just broken in.

The listing has no price listed, which leaves one final mystery for the potential buyer of this fine truck. I think there is certainly an ass for this seat, if nothing else but for the sheer camp of this truck.

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