2024 Polaris Expedition: 200-Mile Range, Enclosed Feature-Rich Cabin To Rival Real Trucks

Side-by-sides aren’t just about silly off-road antics anymore. They can be serious overlanders, too.

byLewin Day|
2024 Polaris Expedition: 200-Mile Range, Enclosed Feature-Rich Cabin To Rival Real Trucks

As a vehicle category, side-by-sides have taken off in popularity in recent years. Polaris has led the charge with a wide range of offerings to suit different use cases. Its latest effort is the Polaris Xpedition, which is built with an eye to traveling long distances off-road in considerable comfort.

The design of the Xpedition aims to open up a new category of side-by-side. With its high-riding stance, it looks more like a jacked-up Kei van than a stripped-back outdoorsy vehicle. It's oriented more towards overlanding and longer-range travel, rather than just tackling gnarly trails or handling short-range work duties.

To that end, it's kitted out with Fox shocks tuned for a comfortable ride over rough terrain. There's also an optional enclosed cab setup that's properly sealed against the elements. NorthStar trims even come with an HVAC system as standard—an industry first. They also score power windows and a tip-out windshield, turning the humble side-by-side into an altogether more grown-up vehicle indeed. The Xpedition even gets GPS navigation and a JBL audio system. It's available in both two-seat and five-seat configurations, depending on how many friends you can stand hanging out with at once.

To help get you deeper into the backcountry, the Xpedition comes with the largest standard fuel tank in the market, good for a full 200 miles of range. It's outfitted with the same 1,000 cc ProStar engine as the Polaris RZR XP which delivers 114 horsepower to all four wheels. To keep you moving, it wears beefy 30" Crawler XP off-road tires, giving it a lofty 14 inches of ground clearance.

With a 2,000-pound towing capacity, it should be more than capable of pulling whatever you want to take down to the lake. Water crossings won't slow it down, either, thanks to sealed electrical systems and a high-mounted air intake. It also comes complete with a 4,500-pound winch to help snatch you out of sticky situations.

If you can imagine any cliche about overlanding gear, you can do it with the Xpedition. It's ready to haul your kayak and fishing rods without complaint, and of course, the obligatory rooftop tent is available, too. Polaris has gone to an effort of maximizing cargo space with flat floors and a spacious rear storage box. In total, Polaris claims there are over 100 new "adventure focused accessories" available for use with the platform.

Polaris is keenly aware of the appeal of customization, and the Xpedition is well-equipped to take on accessories. The Polaris PULSE electrical system has been specifically designed for the easy installation of light bars, heater kits, and other gadgets. It's also easy to add a plow system if you have dreams of being a local hero when the snow hits in the winter.

Base models of the Xpedition will start at $28,999, though these won't be available until 2024. Polaris is prioritizing production of the Ultimate and Northstar trims, starting this summer at $31,999 and $38,999 respectively.

If you've been on the fence about getting a side-by-side, but were concerned about creature comforts, Polaris has heard your call. The line between the fanciest side-by-sides and the cheapest four-wheel-drives is now getting increasingly blurred.

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