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The Holidays Aren’t Complete Until You Hear ‘Jingle Bells’ Performed With Wrenches

All you need is a tool kit and a concrete floor to create a bit of Christmas magic.

We’re nearing the peak of the holiday season, which means you’ve likely got a bit of vacation time to catch up on wrenching in your garage. But should you take a break and feel like getting into the holiday spirit, one mechanic-turned-maestro wants to remind everyone that you can do so by diving into your toolbox.

You might not think much of it when a tool clanks on the concrete, but it does produce a musical note. Round up the right combination of wrenches and you have yourself a full-fledged DIY orchestra of sorts. That’s what Brandon Anderson did, creating a viral video hit in the process.

Anderson used the wrenches to play Jingle Bells and the result is pleasantly surprising. Much like a xylophone does, the smaller, lighter wrenches produce higher musical notes while the larger, heavier ones produce lower notes. Arrange them in the right order and voilà—you have a true gearhead’s way to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Well, almost.

And of course, you could probably find a way to mash up the noises other tools make for a quick tune, too. Although, if you’re counting on the 10 mm to play a pivotal part, you might have to look elsewhere.

On that note, have a happy holiday from all of us here at The Drive. May your projects get finished and your turbos be gigantic.

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