Watch This Drone Herd Sheep Singlehandedly in New Zealand

There's a lot of drone footage out there, and most is unremarkable. Man And Drone's latest piece, however, is artistically exceptional.

Every short film shot via drone is different. Some films are merely footage of a place, such as the aerial tour of the Apple Park Campus we wrote up a few months back. Then there’s Low Earth Orbit, a short film mimicking the rotation of satellites around our planet by placing various Greek hotspots at its center. Most recently, we reported on a highly engrossing science-fiction short film, Donny The Drone, a fictional work that saw Guy Pearce voice an unmanned aerial vehicle attempting to unify the peoples of Earth and liberate his fellow drones. Today, we bring you something in between. Man And Drone’s latest video is absolutely gorgeous—and while it’s ultimately just a short video of a drone herding sheep in New Zealand—it’s shot, edited, and constructed masterfully. This is a thing of beauty.

Let’s take a look at what is so simply titled “Drone Sheep Herding in New Zealand,” yet so splendidly put together.

As you can see for yourself, Man And Drone didn’t just shoot your average aerial footage and cut it together to get some YouTube views (although, that certainly is a welcome result of the effort that went into this). No, this little film, scored to Salomon Lighthelm‘s “Lives Are Threads,” required a steady artistic hand. Sure, there are some sheep being herded by a flying robot—and that’s pretty cool, indeed—but the main thing on display here is just how engrossing and aesthetically captivating one can make an aerial batch of drone footage. Some of these shots are so visually pleasing that you wonder why every single commercial on TV hasn’t jumped on the drone bandwagon yet, even if the product is toothpaste or whatever mundane household item is being sold to you. 

Personally, this is probably the best video I’ve seen in 2018. And while that may seem like a joke, as we’re only a few days into the new year, I absolutely mean it. At under a mere three minutes run-time, a seemingly simple little video of a drone herding sheep in New Zealand is currently at the top of my list of most satisfying videos of the week, and yes, the year. Shot on a DJI Inspire 2, New Zealand’s landscape is so breathtaking, I’ve already got Expedia open on another tab.

What do you think? Do you get the same meditative peace of mind and eye-opening pleasure from a piece like this as I do? Chime in below if you feel strongly about modern drone footage, and the creative work being exposed through it, regardless of which way you may lean. In my opinion, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more aerial cinematography in our TV programming, feature films, and commercials, as we progress into the new year.