Watch This Humpback Whale Create a Rainbow as It Dives Through a School of Fish

Drone footage doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it can be a beautiful, mesmerizing snapshot of the natural beauty of our world.

Drone pilot Domenic Biagini caught something majestic last week, thanks to the affordability of today’s unmanned aerial vehicles, and Domenic having a good enough eye to spot beauty when he sees it. The video, which was posted last week, has over 1,200 views on YouTube alone (over 9,000 views on his personal Facebook page) and is being picked up by major news outlets across the world. It turns out that people enjoy aerial drone footage, especially when its content is comprised of the natural wonders of this world.

Domenic’s drone footage gives us a bird’s-eye view of a humpback whale diving through schools of fish, all while creating a rainbow with its tail. Many of us don’t get to live in places as beautiful as La Jolla, California or any other part of the world where an encounter such as this is commonplace. If it weren’t for camera-drones, it’s likely that many of Domenic’s viewers wouldn’t get to witness something like this in their entire lives, which really puts its significance into perspective.

According to Domenic’s Facebook post, he spotted eight whales that day, the beauty of which had him “running out of superlatives for these animals.” Here’s a look at what this drone pilot recorded that day.

Here’s what Domenic had to say about that day in his post: “I’ve never been more amazed than I was when I filmed this video. Humpback whale off La Jolla, San Diego makes pass after pass through an enormous bait ball in crystal clear blue water. I’m running out of superlatives for these animals the last few days. This is one of 8 whales that I encountered today, and I spotted even more spouts in all directions. La Jolla is on fire.”

Fortunately for us, we get to see all sorts of drone footage fairly regularly. The locations and vantage points we experience vicariously through it are thoroughly appreciated. Whether it’s a tour of the new Apple Park Campus, witnessing the demolition of New York’s Kosciuszko Bridge, or someone producing a short film made entirely of aerial footage. In the end, though, there’s nothing more satisfying and grounding than watching the natural wonders of this planet from up close. Thanks to drones, and those who capture these amazing moments for us, we get to feel a little closer to this world.