An Aerial Look at the Venues of the 2018 Winter Olympics Captured by Drone

Watch the best possible angle of the Winter Olympics Village, from above.

byMarco Margaritoff|


The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea get off the ground Feb. 9, and fortunately for us, a drone got off the ground to provide us with some indelible footage of its venues. Meanwhile, security measures ensuring preventative methods regarding unwelcome aerial visitors during the ceremony have been well underway. 

As we reported last month, local authorities have taken part in rigorous training that involved potential drone-related security breaches. Unmanned aerial vehicles have become more affordable and user-friendly in the past few years, and the refinement of such consumer-tech has certainly made itself apparent in public scenarios ever since. It seems that every week there's a new incident involving someone being a public, aerial nuisance and the Olympics seem more than aware regarding the potential for embarrassment or danger stemming from unauthorized drone use. 

While preparations regarding safety, scheduling, and every other aspect involved in organizing such a gigantic, global event are in progress, we drone enthusiasts get to kick back and focus on another angle: the aerial one. Such is our luck, that the Olympic Channel navigated a UAV above PyeongChang's major Winter Olympics sites and recorded some high-quality footage for the world to see. 

Have a look at the beautiful aerial cinematography here, courtesy of the Olympic Channel via the Association International de la Press Sportive (AIPS).

Video thumbnail

As you can see, we get a pretty clear view of the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium here, as well as some of the slopes and surrounding environments. There's an aerial tracking shot toward the halfway point that really gives us a sense of how beautiful and eclectic the landscape is, from the ocean with a pretty appealing beach-front to the mountainous, snowy parts of the city. The Winter Olympics may not be a passionate subject for much of our audience, but captivating, gorgeous new drone footage certainly should be. With every passing video, the inspiration and motivation to go out and shoot some aerial footage of your own most definitely grow stronger.