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Watch a Rimac C_Two Prototype Nail a Quarter-Mile in 8.9 Seconds

That's quicker than... well, everything else.

Electric hypercars haven’t quite become mainstream yet—even by hypercar standards. That’s sure to become a thing of the past soon thanks to companies like Rimac, though. The Croatian automaker is releasing its all-new C_Two hypercar soon—that’s not the final name, thankfully—but before any cars hit the streets, it’s has been testing prototypes of the vehicle to gain some performance metrics.

Now, these tests are performed with a prototype vehicle that is allegedly not at its full motor torque setting and doesn’t boast every feature that will come in the real deal, such as launch control. That being said, the performance metrics so far are nothing short of incredible.

RimacAutomobili via YouTube

The C_Two has a permanent magnet electric motor for each wheel, with the four unit’s output adding up to a grand total of 1,914 horsepower. Even just on paper, those numbers were seriously impressive. They’re even more impressive now that the rubber is finally meeting the road. In the video below, you can watch this incredible set of numbers take shape. Zero to 60 in 2.42 seconds, zero to 130 in 5.81 seconds, and a quarter-mile gone in just 8.95 seconds at 156 mph.

The numbers are verified by a Vbox, and the testing is done live over multiple passes—including one with the C_Two lined up against a Porsche Taycan Turbo S. The Rimac beats the Porsche handily, of course. All of this being said, it’s good to wait for independent testing before trusting this data completely.

Testing for the vehicle is still being completed, and the car in the clip is a pre-production car, one of five. In total, Rimac plans to produce just 150 of the vehicles, all of which were sold out within three weeks of it being released. 

This wouldn’t be an electric car post without range estimates, though, and the Rimac’s 120 kWh battery pack will—according to Rimac—provide 400 miles of range. Not driven flat out, of course.

Full production of the C_two is set to begin soon, and the vehicle is coming to the United States according to a press release by the company back in 2019. That means they will eventually hit the streets here, so you can expect to see one at a Cars & Coffee event in some super-rich neighborhood soon. After all, the C_Two is expected to cost $2.1 million.

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