This RC Car Live Video Projection System Is Like a Real-Life Video Game

Honey, I shrunk the car.

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Oct 1, 2019 11:34 AM
This RC Car Live Video Projection System Is Like a Real-Life Video Game

Strapping a camera to an RC car might seem like something out of Home Alone 3, but actually using the video feed to pilot the car as it bolts around is a different story altogether.

Voysys is a company that specializes in building low-latency live video solutions for everyday use. While that might seem like marketing speak, it's actually a pretty good description of what the company offers: a live video feed of a vehicle or industrial tool designed to give a remote individual an operator's point-of-view and controls from anywhere in the world.

Voysys' solution is made to work with several configurations. Its proprietary player can make use of a typical multi-monitor computer workstation to display the video across each screen, similar to a multi-monitor racing simulator. Next is through the use of a virtual reality headset where a full 360-degree view is stitched together for the operator of the product to view every possible angle. And lastly, what is being shown in the video above is a cylindrical dome; this method uses several projectors to stitch together the videos for an immersive experience without the use of a VR headset.

In this particular example, the operator not only has the RC's car point-of-view, but it also gives the driver the ability to control the car remotely over 4G LTE and 5G cellular networks with an average latency of around 87 milliseconds.

Driving an RC car isn't the only use case for Voysys' technology, it also opens up doors to controlling heavy equipment from afar. In late May, one of Voysys' customers demonstrated the company's solutions to remotely control a timber loader over cellular connections in Sweden. Voysys says that another one of its customers, Einride, also makes use of the company's solution in its driverless trucks which have permits to operate on the public roads of Sweden, enabling the company to have a remote safety operator should any risks be detected that require human mitigation.