RC Car Catches Fire and Totals 3 Vehicles

A Ford Explorer and two other cars were total losses after the RC car caught fire in a Florida park

byDave Bartosiak|
RC Car Catches Fire and Totals 3 Vehicles


I used to lust after RC cars when I was a little kid. Seeing awesome commercials for them on TV, all I wanted to do was terrorize my neighborhood with them. However, when you finally got one, it was a total let down. You’d get like 4 minutes of action at full speed and then you were stuck for 4 hours waiting for the battery to recharge.

If you thought that waiting for the battery to recharge was the worst part about RC cars, how about starting a fire and burning down your parent’s car? That’s exactly what happened at Halpatiokee Regional Park in Stuart, Florida today. A Traxxas RC Car went up in flames in the back of somebody’s Ford Explorer. The owner saw the fire and removed the burning toy from the car. But it was too late as the roof of the vehicle had already caught fire.

Once the Explorer was ablaze things went from bad to worse as the flames hopped over to the two cars parked next to it. Firefighters rushed to the scene and were in for another pleasant surprise. Unbeknownst to the firefighters, one of the two cars next to the Explorer had gun ammunition inside of it. As they started to put out the flames, bullets started popping off, sending green shells skittering across the parking lot.

Toasted Ford Explorer, Emily Bohatch TC Palm

All this happened at about 11:30 am in the south parking lot of the park next to the roller rink where a children’s roller hockey game was going. Now for the good news. No one was hurt by the fire or the bullets that caught fire and started blowing up. All three cars were a total loss as the fire left them scorched and smoking in the Florida afternoon sun.

Great, now Mom and Dad have another reason to not get me that RC car I wanted for Christmas.