2021 BMW M3/M4 Performance Parts Are Here to Add Insult to Injury

Blue and red vinyl can’t fix everything.

byMáté Petrány|
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You know how BMW's accessory packages can make your road cars look like their GT3 siblings, except for their width, height and overall race car stance? Well, the 2021 BMW M3 and M4 pair shall be no exception. Regardless of customers picking the base cars with 473 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque from the 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six, or the Competition models packing 503 HP and 479 lb-ft of torque for a zero-to-sixty run in 3.8-seconds, the latest M Performance Parts are here to adjust the rest of the cars' exteriors to their confused front grilles.

Your choices for individualization begin with the M Performance titanium silencer system, a lightweight exhaust upgrade breaking all traditions with its stacked ceramic-coated tailpipes in the middle. This flap-controlled exhaust weighs around 11 pounds less than the stock unit, and it should also sound throatier. BMW talks about "an unmistakably striking appearance" here, and unmistakable it is indeed.

Move closer to the paddocks by choosing the adjustable coilovers as well, so your M4/M3's ride height can be dropped between five and twenty millimeters. BMW recommends lowering the cars by 10 mm compared to the base models, just to stay on the safe side on the road, or over high curbs on a circuit.

Speaking of which, BMW says its sports brake pads guarantee not only shorter braking distances, better response characteristics and high thermal resistance at full beans, but also "exceptionally dynamic steering behavior when braking before a bend." Looking forward to championing those track days, M fans may also want to opt for the G80 M3/M4's exposed carbon aero package, which contains a diffuser and rear spoiler "adding the perfect finishing touches to the vehicle’s appearance." With this many winglets onboard, keep up the hope for some additional downforce too.

As you would expect, BMW's M catalog includes alloy wheels up to 21-inches in size, as well as the much cherished M Performance Motorsport foiling. The latest vinyl package uses BMW M's traditional blue-violet-red tricolor on the side to "match the vehicle geometry", yet nothing for that giant grille.

Regardless, what the Bavarians mean by that is how this bright patch of colors is there to emphasize the flared rear arches, leading a graphic line upwards to continue in the LED taillights.


As we mentioned earlier, the new M3/M4 pair better be fantastic to drive, because the more time we spend in their fantastic carbon bucket seats, the less we have to deal with their exteriors.

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