This Spot-On Tesla Cybertruck Replica Is Actually a Very Pointy Ford F-150 Raptor

Sometimes if you want things done, you just have to do them yourself.

If you’re tired of waiting for Tesla to hurry up and build the cool, angular thing that you want, the obvious answer—right now— is to build it yourself. That’s what Igor Krezic and his company Stark Industries did, according to Mint. However, Krezic wanted to marry his love for the Cybertruck’s wild design with his appreciation for the Ford F-150 Raptor, so that’s what he did.

Over the course of eight months, IT specialists and engineers from Stark Industries rebuilt the Raptor into their own version of Musk’s weirdest, pointiest concept truck.

The Raptor remains a Raptor underneath—internal combustion engine and all. Naturally, because the F-150’s proportions aren’t the exact same as the Cybertruck’s, they had to make a few adjustments here and there as well. Still, it’s a pretty convincing replica and we’d definitely do a double-take at it until we heard an engine note. 

The doors were the hardest part—everything had to be carefully adapted to blend together the Ford base with the Cybertruck’s styling. Even the interior was reworked to look like the ultra-spartan Tesla inside, with a big central screen and a futuristic steering wheel. 

Those who aren’t a fan of the design will feel vindicated by one thing, though: The Stark Industries crew is having a tough time registering the Cyber-Raptor for in Bosnia, where they’re based. 

“We are currently working to get the car registered, but the problem is that sharp edges are prohibited by law in our country,” Stark Industries engineer Mila Maric told Global News

As long as the Cybertruck has existed, people have been saying that it doesn’t look road-legal on any planet, much less ours. Those pointy edges scream pedestrian hazard to a whole lot of people, not just the Bosnian authorities. As for how Tesla plans to remedy this, your guess is as good as ours.

The production Cybertruck is supposed to differ slightly from the slightly dented original, and it may also float somehow. Hell yeah, dude, I’m here for an Amphicar revival. 

Whatever the final truck looks like,  we’re sure even more home-built replicas will keep on coming in the meantime. 

h/t: InsideEVs 

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