Watch an Attentive Tesla Owner Override Autopilot and Save His Passengers

Remain alert, stay alive.

byMax Goldberg|
Tesla News photo


Tesla's autopilot version 8.0 found in the Tesla Model S is obviously an advanced piece of technology that has proven to be beneficial, even life-saving, in countless situations. Yet, there are still instances where human intervention is required to keep the occupants safe and the human sense of danger has a lot to do with it.

Only a human can truly predict the actions of another human. In the video below we see a fast acting driver go off instinct and the half second of time where a Ford Escape puts on its blinker before blindly changing lanes. The Tesla Model S appears to be traveling at highway speed at the time of the incident and comes within hairs of sideswiping the crossover. Fortunately, the Tesla Model S driver was able to disengage the autopilot and regain control fast enough to avoid the potentially fatal accident. 

This incident is the perfect reminder for why Tesla owners should always remain aware when autopilot is engaged. Tesla's autopilot system is far from perfect and human intervention is frequently needed. 

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