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Stray Dog Hung Around a Hyundai Dealership Long Enough to Get Hired

For once, the ol' "a dog walks into a dealership..." setup actually works.

A Brazilian Hyundai dealership’s star hire isn’t who you think it is—or a person at all. Meet Tucson Prime, the stray dog who visited the Prime Hyundai dealership so often that he was eventually given a job and his very own ID card. 

Prime Hyundai staff assumed that the stray would move on when they first noticed him earlier this year, but he kept coming back, according to Bored Panda. Showroom manager Emerson Mariano felt sorry for the dog, letting him in for food and water on a rainy night.

Mariano instantly liked the dog and lobbied Prime Hyundai’s board for the dealership to adopt him as their new mascot. The dog was calm and friendly to customers in the showroom, so he was hired on the spot. (Get it? Get it? Spot? Like the dog name, Spot? I hate myself already for that joke. I’m sorry. I really am.) 

“After all, the company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals,” Mariano told Top Motors Brazil, as translated by Bored Panda

The dealership officially adopted Tucson Prime back in May, and he’s been their “pawfessional consultant” ever since. Customers have reacted positively to the showroom’s new non-human employee, sometimes coming back just to bring him snacks and say hello. Mariano says that Tucson Prime’s calming presence has made the dealership a better place to work, too. Naturally, Tucson Prime’s commissions are paid in treats and his desk is, well, the doghouse

This is just the start of bigger and better things for the pup. According to Bored Panda, Tucson Prime is expected to star in a Brazilian Hyundai advertisement later this year.

You can follow Tucson Prime at work on Instagram here. Maybe he could score you a sweet deal on a new HB20 Sport Nova Geração.

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