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This Jaguar E-Type Rear End Conceals a Fully Functional Wet Bar

Instead of corn chips and light beer, you can serve Gentleman's Relish and G&Ts.

When it comes to automobilia-based furniture, there’s a fine line between a neat novelty and a show of tastelessness. Engine bay jukeboxes and drivable, street-legal couches? The former. Bugatti-branded vases? The latter. A cocktail station built into the lopped-off trunk of a Jaguar E-Type, like the one that just popped up in Craigslist in Connecticut? You be the judge.

This fully functional wet bar—that just means a bar with a small sink—was, per its seller, assembled from a 1972 E-Type’s rear clip by “a restoration company” in the 1980s. Opening its trunk lid reveals a two-tiered floor, with cutouts for bottles and glassware, plus space for tools of the mixology trade—bar spoons, corkscrews, and jiggers. Hidden under the gas cap is a straw dispenser and embedded in its floor is a champagne bucket, for those romantic nights spent swearing at your race car.

Its current owner, who bought it in 2017, had the Jagu-bar’s bodywork repainted the red it is today and fitted with an oak-backed custom mirror that fits the contours of the car bar.

“Being a single person, it’s in my master bedroom,” says the seller. “Ladies will think it’s extremely romantic especially with the lights on besides it being a working wetbar [sic]!”

1972 Jaguar E-Type Wet Bar, Craigslist

While taking dating advice on women from an admittedly single individual with a crest over their bed may be inadvisable, securing this thing as a refreshment stand for a garage with a tiled floor probably isn’t—it’d be the ideal place to whip up a Somaek Tesla. Just take into account that at 275 pounds, transporting this curio will definitely require a trailer or truck, and that at $3,500, there are cheaper ways to serve drinks. But there is, to paraphrase Regular Car Reviews, possibly none more faunceh.

1972 Jaguar E-Type Wet Bar, Craigslist

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