Video Gives Best Look Yet at 2021 Ford Bronco Being Abused Off-Road

Georgia clay isn't easy on any 4x4, but the new Bronco doesn't seem to mind.

With Ford taking its time to officially unveil the 2021 Bronco, the internet has done its best to piece together teasers of the revived off-roader. Unconfirmed reports have told of its 2.3-liter EcoBoost base engine, as well as a possible 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6. There’s even an anticipated seven-speed manual transmission with an ultra-low crawler gear. While we’ve seen photos of what we believe to be the real thing, essentially zero videos of the new Bronco—disguised or not—have leaked out. That’s changed now, with this 46-second clip from The Bronco Nation.

In the footage, three camo’d examples of the new Bronco are seen barreling through the Georgia backwoods. While the rigs themselves are nothing we haven’t seen before given the plethora of previous spy shots, seeing them in action like this builds anticipation even more.

Key points here include those aggressive all-terrain tires we’ve reported on already, as well as what looks to be a trick piece of 4×4 tech around the 0:25 mark. Here, you can see the inside rear wheel braking while the front tires drive forward, drastically improving the turn radius. The current Toyota Land Cruiser boasts such a system that makes technical wheeling easier for the big trucks.

Music plays through the entire video, so it’s nearly impossible to identify the engine note as a four- or six-cylinder. Regardless, the Broncos appear to have plenty of power as they muscle up steep, muddy grades. They’re also able to ford a decent amount of water as they plunge from one puddle to the next.

Other highlights include two-door and four-door models running together. This gives an accurate, if a bit indirect, size comparison showing the differences between the two. Specifics such as wheelbase lengths remain unknown, though we expect Ford to use the Jeep Wrangler as a benchmark and perhaps even beat the iconic off-roader in that department.

Georgia clay presents incredibly difficult terrain to master as it’s dense and prone to clumping. That’s part of why this video is so telling when it comes to the 2021 Bronco’s off-roading capabilities.

Ford’s longstanding plan has been to reveal the Bronco in the spring of this year, and so far, it’s yet to suggest otherwise. That leaves about three weeks for the model to make its debut, though we don’t expect it to hit showrooms until next year due to production delays.

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