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This Is What’s Left of a Stolen 2018 Chevy Silverado Found on a Texas Highway

The all-new Chevy Silverado Flintstones Edition.

Apparently, no Chevrolet Silverado is safe in North Texas as thieves are targeting the trucks and disabling their OnStar computer systems in minutes, making them nearly impossible to track. Dallas-area news outlets talked with several local owners who’ve had their pickups stolen, all of which have heard multiple cases similar to theirs. One incident stands above the rest, however, as a Silverado was recently found abandoned on the road with no wheels, interior, or even a bed, showing just how far crooks are going to make a buck.

The stripped Silverado was posted to social media by NBC5 reporter Katy Blakey, who explained the truck had originally been stolen in the Southlake area. While the culprits remain unidentified, their undeniable knack for crafty crime highlights an issue that’s becoming more prominent in the area every day. In fact, there was another Chevy stolen on the same day just a few miles from the barren example shown here.

Victims of these thefts have all issued linked reports: no glass was broken, their keys were not used, and OnStar was disabled so fast that their vehicles’ last recorded location was their house.

“These are the pros who do this because they know there is a market for it and they know they can make money off it,” said Carrollton police spokesperson Jolene DeVito to NBC5.

DeVito added that owners may need to install aftermarket security equipment as thieves have found ways around systems like OnStar.

“You have OnStar, you already have a tracking system that should be enough, but when it’s not, just go the extra mile,” she concluded.

Car part thieves typically target components like catalytic converters for their precious materials, such as high-dollar palladium. However, they’ve also been known to prey on pickups for their tailgates which can bring big money from the right buyer.

Cases like the Silverado here are rather rare, admittedly. Criminals typically steal a few of the most valuable components and then attempt to dump the vehicle without leaving a trace, though it looks like these swindlers had more time on their hands. 

There’s no list of parts stolen from this particular Chevrolet, but it looks more like a truck that’s mid-assembly than one that was taken from the owner’s home. To call these thieves “crafty” is a bit of an understatement.

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