Man Tells Police He's Matthew McConaughey During Suspected Car Theft

He probably wasn't even driving a Lincoln, either.

Fayette County Prison

A man suspected of car theft attempted to fool police officers in Southwestern Pennsylvania by telling them he was actor Matthew McConaughey, according to WTAE in Pittsburgh.

Responding to a call about a suspicious person wandering around a residence, police found Troy Miller, 46, sitting inside the homeowner’s vehicle. When questioned about his identity, the suspect insisted that he was McConaughey, star of films such as "Dazed and Confused" and the "Dallas Buyers Club."

You don't have to be a true detective to know that the authorities weren't buying it. Miller was not only arrested for motor vehicle theft, he also faces a charge of providing false identification to law enforcement, as well as loitering.

Miller was released from Fayette County Prison after posting a $500 bond.

As for the real Matthew McConaughey, he was reportedly spotted Wednesday on the campus of the University of Texas riding in an elevator, so the star of several Lincoln commercials appears to be off the hook in this case.