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$250,000 Will Buy You This Land Rover Defender Restomod With LS3 Power

One of the coolest Anglo-American pairings since Christian Bale played Batman.

Want classic British utility paired with American V8 grunt? The South Carolina Land Rover tuners at Himalaya have got you covered—just know that it’ll cost a pretty penny. Available for $250,000 is the LS3 Defender 110 Crew Cab, a Corvette-powered off-roader made to conquer both dirt and the daily grind.

Behind that iconic grille sits a brand new 6.3-liter LS3 Corvette engine making over 525 horsepower and 495 pound-feet of torque. That engine as well as the transmission it’s hooked up to are backed by a 24,000-mile/two-year warranty. Other mechanical upgrades include modern suspension, a full disk brake conversion, a new fuel system, reconditioned wiring, and a new air conditioning system.

Climbing inside, $250k buys black, diamond-stitched leather seats, a modern “Puma” dashboard with carbon accents, a leather-wrapped Momo steering wheel, an audio system by Alpine, and sound-proofed surfaces that apparently match the quietness of modern SUVs at 70 miles per hour even with big all-terrain tires. Oh, and a custom billet key that makes starting your quarter-million-dollar truck feel as special as it should.


“The Defender 110 Crew Cab is a special project for our team because of the unique nature of the build and configuration,” said Himalaya boss Greg Shondel. “Himalaya utilizes the finest sourced body panels and frames and then completely customizes the powertrain and interior based on customer preference. The 110 is perfect for any customer looking to conquer any and all off-road terrain in total style and comfort.”

When all is said and done, this fits in the space of ultra-luxe overlanders that feature more than just a rooftop tent and MaxxTraxx recovery boards. Think something along the lines of those FJ Company Toyota Land Cruisers.

Now, who wants to loan us 250 G’s?

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