Become an Outlaw and Buy This Emory-Built 1959 Porsche 356A Hot Rod

Is this the pinnacle of modified Porsches?

byChris Teague|
For Sale photo

If you've got a thing for classic Porsches and at least a quarter-million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, hop on over to Bring a Trailer and bid on this modified 1959 Porsche 356A Emory Outlaw.

The original 356 was beautiful but underpowered, and though the thought of modifying such a significant car is sickening to some, the hot-rodded Porsche movement has been around since the cars were new. A mechanic named Dean Jeffries upgraded his 356 Carrera’s body at a shop in Lynwood, California where he worked back in the ‘50s, which is thought to be the beginning of the Outlaw style of modification. Now, Rod Emory has built that ethos into a business that creates the most unique 356s on the market.

This car is a superstar in the Outlaw world with several TV and car show credits under its belt, including Jay Leno’s Garage and the famed Luftgekühlt gathering in Southern California. During a Forbes profile of Emory’s work, this car’s seller was quoted as saying, “The goal was to build an elegant looking car with brutal mechanicals.”

Bring a Trailer

We have to agree with that assessment. Under the hood, there’s a 2.4-liter, dry-sump flat-four that makes 205 horsepower. It was designed by the former crew chief for Porsche’s GT racing team, Jeff Gamroth. The rear wheels are driven through a five-speed manual gear box, and the car’s soundtrack is produced with an M&K stainless steel muffler.

Inside, the car has been restored to better-than-stock, with ivory white accents and an upgraded stereo that includes newfangled gadgets like mobile phone connectivity. The odometer shows 10,800 miles, which have all been traveled since the 356’s complete rebuild in 2012.

Overall craftsmanship is the star here as this example boasts the top-notch fit and finish Emory has become known for. It’s more than “no bolt unturned” in this case; instead, every minute detail—from the fasteners to the paint and every bit of mechanicals—has been meticulously worked over to produce a world-class product without compromise.

Bring a Trailer

Bidding is already at $200,000 for the P-car, putting it in another tier of collector-grade metal. There are 12 days left in the auction at the time of this article, so it will be a fun ride to see through to the end.