Video: Formula Drift’s Papadakis Racing Documents 1,000-HP 2020 Toyota Supra Build

Needless to say, it’s an exercise in mad engineering, alright.

byChris Chin|
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Renowned owner of Formula DRIFT-winning Papadakis Racing team, Stephan Papadakis, is inviting everyone on his quest to squeeze 1,000 horsepower out of the new Supra’s BMW-sourced, turbocharged inline-six engine. Papadakis extensively goes through his build process, from a full engine tear-down to the engineering of custom parts in a four-part video series. There are two of them live so far, with a future two episodes showing the rebuild and dyno testing process.

One of the old Supra’s biggest calling cards for enthusiasts was the capability of its 1JZ and 2JZ engines, offering the potential to produce and withstand 1,000 horsepower with relative ease, given the proper modifications. Obviously, this has others scrambling to research, develop, and bring their own modifications and bragging rights out to market to satisfy the tuning crowd and Papadakis.

Papadakis took delivery of his black-on-black Supra and then disassemble the B58 turbocharged inline-six so his team could 3D scan the engine with hopes of reverse-engineering modifications.

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As portrayed in the video, such a quest to squeeze 1,000 ponies out of the new Supra’s 335-horsepower engine is no easy undertaking, as Papadakis and his team are essentially fabricating every modification from scratch. In addition to tearing down the engine, he is opting for custom-made forged pistons, connecting rods, a larger single high-flow BorgWarner EFR9280 turbocharger, an uprated fuel delivery system, and a completely customized intake manifold. So it definitely requires more effort than just slapping a giant turbo on the motor. But after assessing the block itself, Papadakis is convinced the engine's block can handle the modifications.

Although the build will be extensive, it’ll be a testament and a benchmark for future Supra owners who might be looking to replicate such crazy power output. Tuners in the past have been able to squeeze crazy power out of BMW's previous straight-sixes, particularly the N55 that preceded the current B58 motor, so it is possible. Though the N55 was an entirely different motor by design and the B58 is a part of BMW's latest line of modular engines. But then again, with the right amount of money and know-how, anything’s possible.

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