Watch How the KW Variant 3 Suspension Is Built

Go behind the scenes to see how KW builds their suspension components.

KW Automotive recently put out a marketing video on how their KW Variant 3 coilover suspension components are made, and as an added benefit it provides a great behind-the-scenes look at KW. Owner, founder, and the “KW” in KW, Klaus Wohlfarth, goes through some history of KW while you get to see how the suspension components are actually built.

Wohlfarth’s compnay is based out of Fichtenberg, Germany but they are known all around the world. What’s crazy is that the KW only sits on 247,500 square feet of land—basically the size of a large car dealership—while holding 350 employees.

After a brief history and describing what KW Automotive is to cars, Wohlfarth goes into how they create the KW Variant 3 suspension. He shows how, like many automotive components, the suspension starts its life on the computer through CAD drawings and different animations. Once the team creates physical representations of the components, they are fitted to test cards on 7-post and 4-post shaker rigs that are used to simulate specific road conditions.

According to Wohlfarth, KW brings in multiple manufacturer cars for measurements and testing to make even the smallest improvements to their products. In the video, they test the KW suspension components on a BMW M2.

We get a behind-the-scenes look at the how  the KW components are cut from solid steel pieces; how the components are powder coated; and how the products are tweaked and tuned. The video even shows the complexity level of the suspension compared to an OEM-comparable part. Wohlfarth mentions that, due to the complexity, quality must be assured; he shows how the V3 Bottom Valve has 50 or 60 pieces, compared to an OEM part which probably has around 10 pieces. 

Overall this “marketing video” has such a behind the scenes /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG feel.