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Just $4,000 Will Buy You This 2001 Volvo S80 Limousine Built for a Swedish Diplomat

With seating for six and under 100,000 miles, what else could you want at that price?

Historically, Volvos have always taken on various forms, from rounded-off economy cars to famously boxy wagons, but we’d never seen one in this shape before until a rare bird popped up for sale on Craigslist: a 2001 S80 Limousine that was allegedly used to transport a Swedish diplomat.

A paltry $3,900 will take home this ultra-longroof model, which is supposedly just one of two built by Volvo and shipped to the United States. This particular car has traveled only 72,000 miles over the course of its 18-year lifespan and looks to be in great physical shape.

The seller claims the car was enlisted by Sweden’s diplomat service for use in the United States, but there’s no indication of paperwork or verification. For all we know, this could have been the premier Swedish chariot for Larry’s Limo Lounge, running the Vegas strip for the past two decades. Either way, the price tag leaves a lot of room for any needed cleanup or repairs.


This isn’t the first Volvo-based, coachbuilt car, though—far from it. The Swedish vehicles have often been used for a variety of, um, unique activities. The S90 sedan is available outfitted as both a hearse and a limo, at least in the United Kingdom, and this built-for-comfort model is nearly four and a half feet longer than a standard car. If that’s too upscale for you, then there’s this old-school 960 limo that I’ve personally seen cruising around New England.

The seller’s price is firm but, for $3,900, there’s not much else in the league of this Volvo—they say they’ve even got a clean title in hand. The ad dares us to find another limo like this one and, oddly enough, the only other car of its kind appears to be listed for eight times as much on the other side of the country. Fishy? Maybe a little.

If it is legitimate, we’d happily take this one any day.