Ferrari Recalls Its Most Expensive Production Models Due to Risk of Fuel Leak, Fire

Among the cars recalled is the LaFerrari Aperta, a targa-topped, 949-horsepower hypercar worth millions of dollars.

Ferrari has declared recalls to address a risk of fire on some of its recent high-dollar, high-performance models.

Via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Feb. 14, Ferrari declared that some of its recent products have malfunctioning Fuel Vapor Separators, which are a component of modern vehicles’ evaporative systems. When functioning properly, they prevent gasoline fumes from venting to the atmosphere, but Ferrari says some of its separators are at risk of cracking and leaking fuel, which in the presence of a source of heat poses an obvious threat of fire.

The following models and model years are implicated in Ferrari’s NHTSA recall.

Ferrari believes that up to 2,150 vehicles in the United States may be affected and offers their owners free service at Ferrari dealers to correct the problem. The supercar manufacturer reportedly learned of the issue from said dealers, with CarScoops reporting that multiple dealers informed Maranello of the issue on customers’ vehicles. Clients with faulty separators reportedly saw check engine lights and received notice from their vehicles’ onboard diagnostic systems to visit dealers for service. Ferrari is reported to have leveled blame for the fault at its supplier, citing manufacturing defects as the root of the problem.

Cars still on Ferrari’s production line or showroom floors have already had the issue rectified and customers will be able to have their separators replaced starting on April 14.