NASA’s Giving Away These New Mars Travel Posters for Free

Drumming up support for Mars exploration with some retro-styled wall art.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Culture photo

We know how much you guys love cool NASA artwork. We love it, too. It seems NASA also knows how much we all dig images depicting a dreamy future of extraterrestrial exploration, because the space agency has released a new batch of free posters depicting the romantic, adventurous aspects of America's next great leap into the beyond: a manned mission to Mars.

As with NASA's last bundle of posters, the new pieces are boldly colored and cleanly designed, with a definite hint of old-school cool—though admittedly, far less retro than the first batch of free wall-worthy illustrations the space agency commissioned. The eight posters, ostensibly created as recruitment tools to entice people to the Red Planet, all depict spacesuit-clad astronauts engaged in the ordinary-yet-electrifying activities of Mars life: a technician hard at work repairing an antenna, the moon Phobos floating in the background; a stoic farmer, shovel in hand, overseeing his crops in an orbital greenhouse; an explorer rappelling down into the 4,000-mile Valles Marineris canyon, loose stones plummeting into the 23,000-foot drop.

They're simultaneously understated and wondrous, rousing and reassuring. And who knows? Maybe these posters will wind up inspiring one or two potential astronauts out there.