New Mustang Cobra Jet: The Gnarliest Eight Seconds in Sports

A $100k, solid rear axle, Whipple-blown, drag racing Mustang is our favorite Mustang.

byMax Prince|
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Nasty. That’s the best way to describe the 2016 Mustang Cobra Jet, a purpose-built drag racing hero. Only 50 examples will be built, each priced at $99,990. The Cobra Jet is so nasty it’s not even a car, technically. This is just Ford part code “M-FR500-CJ,” no VIN number included. Camaro has handily served Mustang on the street. But this new Cobra Jet? This could be a COPO killer.

It’s certainly got the hardware. Meet the only Mustang still using an old school solid rear axle, a proper 9-inch. Also: a Whipple supercharger, adjustable coil-over shocks, lightweight wheels and brakes, Hoosier slicks, FIA race-approved seats, five-point harnesses, Aeromotive fuel system with trunk-mounted cell and a roll cage spec’d for 8.50-second quarter-mile passes. Oh, and a parachute. I almost died in an old nose-lifting Cobra Jet once. The new car’s optional wheelie bars are a bargain at $1,995.

No details on the blown 5-liter V8 yet, but Ford did offer a video. Pro bull riding fans call it the gnarliest eight seconds in sports. But watch the clip below, a new Cobra Jet yanking the front wheels and banging gears and demolishing a quarter-mile pass.

Yeah. Pro bull riding can get bent.

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