These Sixties Sports Car Inspired Sunglasses Are Killer

Affordable garage shades, courtesy of uncrate.

byMax Prince|
These Sixties Sports Car Inspired Sunglasses Are Killer

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At its best, the Internet is curating. Spoon feeding your interests, carefully tailored yet broadly appealing. Grantland curates sports and society. The Drive curates machinery, and the culture it creates. When it comes to men’s gear, uncrate is a formative master. Case and point: Model X1 reissue.

Warby Parker

That’s the result of collaboration with eyewear titan Warby Parker. The design is inspired by Sixties sports cars, lightweight and with heavy-duty nylon lenses. Matte black or tortoise shell, the limited-run Model X1’s garage life aesthetic is spot-on. And, given a pair of custom Ray Bans is more expensive than an iPhone, the $145 price point here won’t make you grimace. (Pro tip: Always grimace, especially in sunglasses. You’ll look cooler). Check ’em out here.