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Find All the Easter Eggs in This Hilarious Ferrari F1 Garage Spoof

Maybe Ferrari really is spending more time making pizzas than figuring out tire strategy.
Parody cutaway illustration of the Ferrari Formula 1 garage
Richard Parry

A pizza oven, a conspiracy theory-style strategy room, and a bomb squad approaching an engine with caution? Must be a Ferrari Formula 1 team garage in 2022.

Digital artist Richard Parry made this fun cut-away diagram of the Ferrari garage—complete with charred bodywork and crew members reenacting Michaelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.” These clever Easter eggs pretty much sum up how Ferrari’s season has gone so far. It’s as cute as it is hilarious, and best of all, Parry put it up as a high-res download in case you’d like to print a poster of it. 

Parody cutaway illustration of the Ferrari Formula 1 garage

This work of art pokes light fun at the Scuderia’s woes this season, with both Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc suffering from a variety of issues so far. From bad pit stops to unforced strategy errors and, of course, Sainz’s car catching on fire in Austria, Parry’s work captures it all.

“I’m an underdog fan and latched onto Ferrari at the beginning of the year, but I feel like I’ve made a terrible mistake,” Parry told The Drive. “I had the bomb squad idea first, and kinda built the rest around that!”

Ferrari’s car this year is brilliant—when it works—and the same thing can be said about its drivers. But uh, it needs to work more often, and maybe not do that whole “rolling away while on fire” thing again. It’d be nice if the team knew what to do with the car when it is working well, like maybe not swapping for a slower hard tire right as things are heating up. You know, the little things.

If we can’t enjoy a Ferrari mixing it up for the win, we can at least have a few chuckles at how the season’s going. Parry made this fun garage poster in the 3D software program Blender, and it’s chock-full of fun Easter eggs to stare at. What’s your favorite part? I lost it at the dumpster outside.

You can check out the artist’s other work here on Instagram and on Twitter

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