Watch These Audi RS6 Avant-Driving Crooks Ram Cop Cars During a High-Speed Chase

Two officers sustained minor injuries—and two criminals are spending 28 years behind bars.

byMax Goldberg|
Audi News photo

This video's a bit of a throwback, but trust us, it's worth the watch. On June 18th, 2016, four brazen men evaded West Midlands Police when they the fuzz fled in a 605-horsepower Audi RS6 Avant. As you can see in the dash camera video below, the Audi flirts with 100 miles per hour—even while apparently suffering multiple flat tires—as it flies through the Chelmsley Woods area of Warwickshire, U.K. 

Through an impressive display of emergency vehicle operations, police are able to stay on the vehicle's tail throughout the pursuit. Flying through windy roads and avoiding (or just powering over) speed bumps, both the officers and evaders are able to get up to a high rate of speed. At one point, officers set up for a precision immobilization technique (a.k.a. a PIT manuever), but get rammed by the RS6 instead. Using the large rear of the Audi to their advantage, the criminals smash into the officers' BMW 3 Series wagon, hoping to immobilize it. After a bit of time, the damaged  -Series begins to smoke and the officers remove themselves from the chase when backup arrives. 

The chase continues with two Vauxhall Insignias in hot pursuit, but eventually, they are rammed as well. Although the Audi appears to sustain moderate damage to the rear bumper, it does not appear to effect the vehicle's performance too much and the daring criminals are able to avoid capture.

Fortunately, two of them were captured shortly after ditching the vehicle, and the other two were captured after robbing a post office with an angle grinder. All four suspects are in jail, and two of them were sentenced to a whopping 28 years behind bars.

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