Porsche Partners with CODE University for Digital Future

The partnership will help Porsche find the next generation of software engineers.

Earlier this week Porsche executives were in Silicon Valley to talk about their digital research hubs branded as Porsche Digital. The hubs allow Porsche to have centers which focus on car connectivity and the advancement of driver assist technologies. These hubs also allow Porsche to be geographically located in technological hubs, allowing them to develop new strategic partnerships more easily. Today it announced its latest partnership, this time with CODE University.

Porsche and CODE plan to launch joint projects and promote close collaboration for the purpose of exchanging knowledge. CODE University of Applied Sciences is a private university that offers degree programs in software engineering, interaction design, and product management. This will give Porsche access to a recruiting ground for fresh software engineers.

It will be great for Porsche as it will be able to gain perspective from engineers outside of the realm of automotive business. Lutz Meschke, deputy chairman of the executive board and member of the executive board for finance and IT, said “Our industry is currently undergoing its greatest upheaval in 100 years. To boost our innovative strength during this time of change, we need to be open to partnerships like the one we have established with CODE. We need the perspective of digital natives, of people who think differently and work on topics that may not have even crossed our minds.”

Inside Porsche Digital’s Silicon Valley location, Porsche AG

Obviously, the partnership is a huge victory for CODE as well, no doubt helping them to market to potential students.Thomas Bachem, founder, and chancellor of CODE said, “The digitalization of mobility is a major challenge that will change all our lives. We want our students to be part of this exciting development and use the support we have received from Porsche to shape and expand this concept first-hand through practical projects.”

This partnership no doubt was born out of the proximity of Porsche Digital’s hub to CODE’s headquarters. Both are headquartered are in Berlin, a short walk away from each other. For a gearhead going to school for coding, this is a dream come true.