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Watch the Electric Mercedes EQG Conquer Off-Road Obstacles in Reverse

The G-Class is a tough act to follow, but the EQG is showing that EVs can keep up on road and off.

byLewin Day|
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The Mercedes-Benz EQG is the company's EV successor to the storied G-Class offroader. It's not yet in production, but it's already out demonstrating just how good electric drive is when you're off the beaten path.

In a recent video from JerryRigEverything, we get to see a prototype of the EQG in action. The footage was shot at the G-Class Experience Center in Graz, Austria. The facility is purpose-built for demonstrating the capabilities of the G-Class, making it the perfect place to put an electric off-roader through its paces.

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Highlights include the EQG showing off its four-motor drivetrain with a tank turn maneuver, referred to as a "G-Turn" by Mercedes. By rotating the left and right wheels in opposite directions, the EQG can spin on a dime. We also get to see the value of the instant-on torque characteristic of electric motors. This is demonstrated by the EQG slowly descending a hill, before stopping mid-way down. It then effortlessly reverses back up with a minimum of wheelspin.

We get a look at other features that make the EQG supremely capable as well. Unlike many EVs, the EQG features a two-speed transmission setup. This lets the driver shift into a "crawler" gear that gives the EQG maximum torque for challenging off-road situations. The video also points out neat aerodynamic optimizations for efficiency. There are nifty "air curtain" slots in the rear fender flares that cut drag from the rear wheels, while the battery underneath features a smooth undertray to help even further.

Thus far, Mercedes has kept quiet on the EQG's range, battery size, and power figures. We're also denied a look at the new infotainment screen which is reportedly very capable, and other tech features. At this stage, though, it appears to be shaping up as a solid EV off-roader that is worthy to follow in the footsteps of the legendary G-Class. Mercedes should have no trouble selling these like hotcakes when they hit the market in coming years.

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