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The Jeep Recon is a Rubicon-Ready Off-Road Electric SUV Coming in 2024

It's not here to replace the Jeep Wrangler, just keep it company.
Jeep Recon

The big announcement from Jeep’s 4xe Day on Thursday is the new, electric companion to the Wrangler: the Jeep Recon. Hitting dealers in 2024, it’ll be a specialized off-roader that Jeep promises will be capable of taking on the Rubicon Trail from the factory.

Built on the same platform as the Trackhawk-like Jeep Wagoneer S, the Recon will be the more adventurous of the duo, with tricks borrowed directly from the Wrangler. Like the Jeep icon, the Recon will have removable doors with exposed hinges, glass you can take out, and a “one-touch powertop” for when taking your car apart is too much effort. Being an EV, it’ll repurpose the area normally reserved for the engine with a frunk. It’d better be waterproof because Jeep people (Jeople?) will find out the hard way if it isn’t.

The Jeep Recon will come equipped for crawling, with “aggressive off-road tires,” tow and recovery hooks, and even underbody protection for what’ll have to be a sizable battery. Like the GMC Hummer EV, that’ll have to be some truly serious armor. It’ll benefit technologically from Uconnect infotainment with built-in off-road trail guides, Selec-Terrain software from the Wrangler to maximize traction on all surfaces, and something Jeep calls “e-locker axle technology.”

Whether that means electronically locking differentials or merely motors that turn in perfect sync, Jeep hasn’t yet said, but we won’t be waiting long for the full story. Jeep says the production version will arrive next year, which we expect will be early in the year when reservations open. Manufacturing will be handled here in the U.S., and deliveries will begin in 2024.

Some of you are no doubt worried the Recon is here to replace the Wrangler, and Jeep wants you to know that won’t be the case. After all, Jeep still expects half its sales in the U.S. to still be hybrids in 2030, and the Wrangler 4xe is the country’s bestselling plug-in hybrid. The Wrangler has always earned more than its keep, and isn’t going away any time soon. It’s just getting a playmate, that’s all.

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