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Polestar 5 EV’s Sleek Design Revealed in Patent Images

The sporty sedan looks nearly identical to the Precept concept teased last year.

Polestar teased a new fastback-like sedan based on the Precept Concept back in November 2021. The footage showed teased background photos of what looked to be a production-ready Polestar 5. Though it was unclear at the time whether that was just an early concept or an actual hint at the real production car, now we know the latter is true, based on leaked patent photos that show off a design that’s almost identical to the Precept.

These patent images were filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and they clearly show a production-ready Polestar 5. The car in the drawings has normal side mirrors, rather than the concept’s little winglet cameras, usable door handles, and more functional-looking headlights that turn concepts into fully fledged road cars. Most design elements, however, seem as if they’ll be carried straight from the concept to the road car. Its taillights are identical, the C-pillar kink looks the same (and oddly like a Honda Accord’s), and the wheels are seemingly carryover from the concept as well.

One of the reasons why the Polestar 5 looks so different from its Polestar 2 sibling, despite both being sedans, is that the Polestar 5 is based on an entirely new, dedicated electric architecture. Previous Polestar models were built on preexisting Volvo platforms, which is what caused their unusual proportions. The Polestar 5’s new bonded aluminum platform will be both lighter and more rigid than the outgoing Volvo platforms. While final official specs haven’t yet been released, it’s said that the Polestar 5 could make upwards of 872 horsepower from dual, in-house P10 electric motors. It will also get the same 800-volt technology and bi-directional charging as the upcoming Polestar 3 crossover.

The Polestar 5 won’t debut until 2023 and, when it does, it will be a high-performance four-door GT, similar to the Audi e-tron GT and Porsche Taycan. Thankfully, like those cars, the 5 will look very much like its concept.

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