Mercedes’ EQG Trademark Filing Hints at Possible Name of Electric G-Wagen SUV

The Germans have sent in the paperwork, so you know it’s serious.

byHazel Southwell|
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Mercedes-Benz confirmed in the final quarter of 2020 that it'd be making an electric version of the G-Class; not just for a boutique line (or at least, no more boutique than the list of people who can afford a G-Wagen anyway) but as part of its overall electrification strategy. The G-Class had been confirmed as going electric as far back as 2019 but we've not had the big announcement about how, exactly.

That's a step closer because MBEQ Club forum posters have spotted that Mercedes filed two new and interesting trademarks with Europe's EUIPO. The documents are for an EQG 560 and an EQG 580, which means this is getting extremely real and we must be relatively close to seeing the hulking great things in action. 


Before you get excited and start imagining AMG's new, berserk, Formula 1-inspired powertrain in a G-Wagen (it is built, after all, for potentially large vehicles) then we have to warn you to hold your horsepower. This will be an EQ-range car but that doesn't mean it won't be an all-wheel-drive monster. That is, if the other luxury cars Mercedes is bringing out in that range are anything to go by. 

There's also a chance the G-Wagen gets its own architecture, of course; it's not like the G-Class just rolls off the line with a standard chassis raised a few feet off the ground. Either way, it's happening and with the expected rollout to come in 2024, there's still time for more wild developments to come. Just know Merc doesn't take the G-Wagen lightly.

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