The Most Expensive 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 Costs an Absurd $184K

The Corvette Z06 configurator is out. If you tick every box, the car can be specced to more than $184,000—before dealer markup. That optional carbon ain't cheap.

Chevy’s Corvette Z06 online configurator is out. While News Editor Aaron Cole spent much of his Friday last week doing up his ideal spec, I’m here to figure out just how much you can technically spend on Chevy’s new supercar—rational financial sense and good taste be damned.

Motor1 was able to get one up to $182,180, it seems they forgot to tick a few boxes because hopping on Chevrolet’s build-your-own tool, I was able to configure a Z06 that costs $184,005.

Chevrolet | Chris Tsui

Naturally, it’s a 3LZ Convertible with the Z07 package with the fanciest paint and the $12,000 carbon wheels. Opting for another $10,500 in packages and $27,700 in options (including nearly $15,000 worth of carbon fiber inside and out) yielded the grand total above including destination and the $3,000 gas guzzler tax.

Some à la carte options of note include blue Corvette script across the back for $395, Corvette Museum Delivery in Bowling Green, Kentucky, for $995, a leather Corvette-branded luggage set for $1,495, and the front lift system with memory for $2,595.

Granted, 184 grand buys you a Z06 with every possible option selected. When we came up with an “ideal” spec last week, that car cost a little less than $125,000. Unless money really is zero object to you, we would never actually recommend spending close to $200,000 on a Corvette when you don’t reasonably have to. Although given the sort of markups dealers are expected to slap on these things, interested buyers may not actually have a choice in the matter.

A bit disappointing considering much of the Corvette’s appeal has historically been big performance for a relatively low price. When our man Peter Holderith drove it, he summed up the experience: “Unbelievable performance for an unbelievable price.” At MSRP, that is.

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