The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Configurator Is Live To Drive You Quicker to the Weekend

Many, many, many of us will never get to drive a 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, but that won’t stop many, many, many of us from building our own.

byAaron Cole|
Chevrolet News photo

You may have heard a few good things about the upcoming 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. You almost certainly heard many of them here

But LaVar Burton put it best: Don’t take my word for it. The first step of anyone’s journey toward a six-figure world-beater starts today with Chevy’s newly released configurator. 

The Z06 online dream machine can be found here. The first step is a natural one: coupe or convertible. Even our staff couldn’t agree there. 

From there, the trim levels each make their own case for prospective buyers. While we romanticize a “base” 1LZ by saying: “The best stuff is the engine, and that’s standard on all models.” But we’re here to admit to our own vanity: The 2LZ is the first stop for General Motors’ Performance Data Recorder, and what’s the fun in having a Z06 if you can’t show off your track exploits to your friends? 

We’re remiss not to mention the top-shelf 3LZ trim, which likely will be most buyers (whether they like it or not) because it’s the all-the-boxes ticked choice. Corvette buyers love to do that. 

We’d be hard-pressed to spec a perfect 2023 Corvette Z06 but since you asked so nicely: It’s a Coupe 2LZ in Red Mist Metallic Tintcoat. (Stripes may be your bag, but they’re not really ours.) Satin Graphite premium wheels are a worthy $3,595 upgrade, but ultra-performance rubber isn’t. That’s because to get that tire package would require the Z07 upgrade that rings the bell for nearly $18,000 more all-in, but more on that later.  

Natural Napa leather is a good spend made better by the GT2 sport buckets, even if those add $1,695 to the bottom line. 

More on the Z07: Here’s the very privileged position we have. Our man, Peter Holderith drove the Z06 on and off the track and reports that mere mortals like the rest of us won’t tap the Z06’s deep wells of power. In fact, we’re only tapping 20% of the performance potential of what the Z06 has to offer. The Z07 only goes further, for a relatively big spend, and too few places to uncork that potential. We’ll leave that out for now. 

Our pick isn’t the only one you can make, but we think it’s the best one: A $124,780 dream machine, including destination. Of course, that doesn’t include the five- or six-figure markups that dealers will prize from shoppers to get their hands on such an awesome machine. Thankfully, the configurator doesn’t include those. 

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