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The Ford Fiesta Will Die To Make Room for More EVs: Report

Ever hope that the Fiesta might return to the United States? Well, you can probably stop hoping.

The Ford Fiesta is an enthusiast favorite even if it hasn’t been on sale in the U.S. for a while. The sporty Fiesta ST model helped by cementing its name in the hearts of a new generation. Now, Ford reportedly planning to kill the current, seventh-generation Fiesta in order to focus on electric vehicles.

The rumor was first reported on by Auto Express, which claims the model will be officially announced dead as soon as the middle of 2023. A statement provided to the publication does not directly address the rumor, but does say the company is reviewing its vehicle portfolio “in line with our business strategy.” In short, the automaker didn’t deny anything, only refusing to speculate. Indeed, it stated it would “share more information in the coming months,” which only adds fuel to the fire.

The seventh-generation Fiesta was unveiled five years ago but just received a facelift earlier in 2022. This would indicate that the model will stick around for some time, but that might not be the case. The seventh-gen is, after all, not available in many markets outside of the U.K. The sixth-gen, in comparison, was a solidly global car, selling everywhere from the Americas to Asia.


The main culprit in its alleged demise is likely a lack of profitability on a few fronts. Even small cars with gasoline engines are often not very profitable—small electric cars are even worse. The result is that there’s a poor case to keep selling the current Fiesta, as well as no electric future for the car in the near term. Also, keep in mind that Ford has no flexible EV platform like GM, Stellantis, or other automakers to help spread the cost of electric drivetrains around or speed up development.

All of this is happening in the context of SUVs, pickup trucks, and other high-riding vehicles being hot sellers. That gives most automakers a pretty easy decision: sell popular, highly-profitable vehicles or unpopular, low-profit ones. Add in the U.K.’s plan to phase out gas-powered cars in 2030 and, well, the writing is on the wall.

The Fiesta’s days are definitely numbered.

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