The Honda Civic Hybrid Is Coming Back to Replace the Insight

Honda says it’s working to increase hybrid volume of its core lineup—that includes the Civic in the U.S.

byRob Stumpf| PUBLISHED Apr 14, 2022 12:03 PM
The Honda Civic Hybrid Is Coming Back to Replace the Insight
via Honda.

The Honda Insight has become one of the best-selling compact hybrids in the U.S., but that isn't enough to save it from the chopping block. See, hybrids aren't as special as they once were, so one-off models touting great gas mileage and special electrified powerplants aren't as niche as they once were—hell, the Ford Maverick even comes standard with a hybrid. That means the Insight has got to go.

But fear not; Honda isn't giving up on hybrids. Instead, the Japanese automaker is focusing on revamping its core models, which entails a revival the retired Civic Hybrid nameplate.

via Honda

Interestingly, Honda told media outlets back in October that the U.S. would not receive a hybrid version of the 11th generation Honda Civic. However, the answer at the time was contingent on the inclusion of the Insight in the U.S. lineup. Without the Insight, it appears that Honda is free to pivot towards electrification of the Civic instead.

Presently, Honda doesn't offer a fully battery-electric vehicle in the U.S. market (though that is poised to change). While the automaker is continuing its work to develop breakthroughs on solid-state batteries, it has committed to several interim steps like working with General Motors on a shared platform, as well as increasing the output of its hybrid models, though on a slightly more condensed scale.

That means that its well-loved Insight is going the way of the dodo. Honda confirmed that it will cease production of the Insight in June in favor of collapsing additional hybrid powertrains into its core lineup—that means fewer models, but more overall selection.

Later this year, Honda says that it will introduce new models of the CR-V Hybrid, followed by the Accord Hybrid. Both vehicles have hybrid options offered today and are due for a full cycle refresh, which could mean that Honda is betting big on selling a large stake of next-generation hybrids. In fact, Honda claims that hybrids will eventually make up around 50 percent of the sale mix for both models. Honda plans to target 100 percent electrified sales by 2040.

The Civic Hybrid is said to follow the CR-V and the Accord, though specific dates and pricing have yet to be announced.

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