450 WHP Makes This Honda Civic a True Sleeper

Things are not always what they seem.

byBasir Khan|
Honda News photo

We all have a friend who had a noisy Civic back in the day. Heck, some of us were that friend. Civics are affordable first cars that can easily be modified thanks to a wide variety of aftermarket support. Transforming one from stock to tuner while still retaining daily drivability is one of the reasons it is a popular platform. Coupled with the fact that it is one of the few vehicles on the market still offered with a manual gearbox—and they continue to be as reliable as ever.

Matt Farah is no stranger to this. In fact, he has driven a number of modified Civics over the course of his One Take series. Most recently, he drove a seemingly plain one, but looks can be deceiving. This Civic Si, complete with Hybrid tail lights and badges, is actually turbocharged making 450 wheel horsepower. Originally supercharged, the owner was left unsatisfied and decided to pursue more power. The result was replacing the original block, pistons, and connecting rods as well as removing the supercharger and adding a turbo in its place.

Needless to say, this car can keep up. The turbocharger installed here is good for 650 whp meaning it has even more potential. That under-the-radar look is a great way to avoid unwanted attention, say from the coppers.