Revamped 2025 Acura MDX Puts Your Home Theater to Shame

The MDX’s new top-of-the-line Bang & Olufsen audio system has as many speakers as Baskin-Robbins has flavors.

byNico DeMattia|
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Acura recently updated its flagship sedan, the TLX, and now it's the three-row MDX's turn. For 2025, the SUV gets a comprehensive facelift that brings, well, a new face, along with some upgraded interior technology, assisted driving improvements, and a whopping 31-speaker surround-sound system.

Let's start with the exterior, though, as that's what you'll notice first. You'd be forgiven for wondering where the changes are, as they're pretty subtle. The grille is almost exactly the same as before, just with a simpler diamond-pattern insert, and the headlights are slightly darker. The biggest change to the front end is the updated lower fascia, which packs much larger air intakes in the interest of looking sportier. Out back, the taillights have received a bit of a tint. That's about it.

Inside, the differences are felt more than they're seen. The touchscreen is still 12.3-inches, but it's gained a new user interface, since Acura ditched the laptop-style touchpad on the center console. Some might be happy to see it go, as it was quite controversial, but now they're stuck solely with touchscreen controls. Without the touchpad, Acura had room to fit a more easily accessible wireless phone charger, some additional USB-C ports, and increased storage in the slightly redesigned center console.

Perhaps the most exciting interior change is the sound system. Previously, Acura used ELS audio as the premium option, and they were always great. Now Acura is switching to Bang & Olufsen for the Technology Package and higher trims, and it comes with a whopping 31 speakers. After about 18, I'm not sure where Acura is putting the damn things. Are they in the headliner? Actually, yes! There are 12 speakers in the headliner.

Overall, the biggest improvements are to the tech beneath the skin. The AcuraWatch 360 advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) gets a comprehensive hardware upgrade, including front long-range millimeter wave radar behind the Acura emblem, a new front camera at the top of the windshield, millimeter wave radars at all four corners, and a new steering wheel touch sensor. All of the additions improve Acura's existence driver assistance systems, like adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and its Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS). However, the new gear also adds new functions, like Active Lane Change Assist, Lane Change Collision Mitigation, and Front Cross Traffic Warning.

The MDX Type S now comes with the Advanced Package as standard, so it gets all of the aforementioned ADAS tech, the 31-speaker Bang & Olufsen system, along with unique 21-inch wheels, a frameless grille, and a new Urban Gray paint color. That'll likely mean a price jump, but it's too early to say how significant, as Acura hasn't released details on that front yet. For reference the least-expensive 2024 MDX begins at $51,500, and the Type S sans Advance goes for $69,800.

The 2024 Acura MDX was already pretty popular with The Drive crew for being spacious, comfortable, and fun to drive. For 2025, it looks like Acura has kept the winning parts of the recipe while improving what didn't work so well, and even adding a few extra goodies. Both the standard MDX as well as the Type S will hit dealerships this May.

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