2024 Acura TLX Refresh Brings Improved Digital Gauges, Smarter Tech

The 2024 TLX looks to stick to a winning formula—Acura's pesky touchpad aside.

The facelifted 2024 Acura TLX is here, right on schedule. Just three years since the debut of this generation of the long dash-to-axle TLX, Acura has added a light touch. With a seriously simplified trim structure, newly added and much-needed standard features in a new gauge cluster and infotainment screen, and wireless Apple CarPlay, the 2024 TLX keeps things simple.

Acura has taken the already straightforward trim structure of the TLX and slashed the bottom out of it, citing customer habits. Now, the 2024 model comes standard with the Technology Package, which also makes 19-inch wheels, the ELS Studio 3D stereo, and ambient lighting standard. From there, folks can move up to the A-Spec and get improved sound deadening with thicker carpeting and better tire insulation, as well as standard all-wheel drive. The Type S remains top dog, but it isn’t receiving any performance-related changes aside from a retuned Sport+ mode for more responsive throttle.

While the infotainment still runs off Acura’s slightly nonsensical trackpad, responsiveness and speed have been upped considerably with a “faster processor” and a 12.3-inch HD screen. Sampling the system at a preview event did indeed show some gains, but the step difference is in the quality of the screens. The gauge cluster now uses a much more legible and configurable 12.3-inch display with a better resolution and a higher refresh rate, considerably modernizing the interior of the TLX.  Acura’s infotainment system remains largely the same, spare some ease-of-use improvements like a new shortcut to change the color of ambient lighting. 

Further tech and design tweaks accompany this refresh. A smaller but more effective front radar unit and more powerful radar units for blind-spot monitoring help bolster Acura’s suite of advanced driver’s assistance tech. Most folks won’t be able to see the exterior changes, but Acura has introduced a new grill design and slightly reshaped the front bumper to clean up the front fascia. Otherwise, the TLX’s handsome looks have been largely untouched. 

It’s an evolutionary update that punches above its weight and follows the old saying: Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Though a move away from the trackpad would have been welcomed, the 2024 TLX seems poised to hold onto its spot as the underdog sporty luxury sedan.

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