Man Drops His Acura MDX Into a Colorado Skate Park

It's not clear what the driver was hoping to achieve.

Skateboarding used to be a sport on the bleeding edge, a new and radical way for the youth to express themselves on the street. As camcorders and VHS gave way to the YouTube era, though, it became harder to stand out with a video of you and your mates doing natty little kick flips in the Burger King carpark. If you really wanna make waves these days, you gotta go big. Dropping an Acura MDX into the bowl is one way to do just that, as reported by Tire Meets Road.

The silliness went down at the Memorial Skate Park in Colorado Springs, and was reportedly first shared by Instagram user @fxckyouangel, depicting an adult male driving a relatively-recent Acura MDX into the bowl at the skate park. 

The driver can be seen gingerly approaching the edge of the bowl, teetering on two wheels before dropping in and ripping off the rear bumper on one side. The vehicle proceeds to gamely lope around the bowl, spinning its raised wheels at times due to the SUV’s open front differential. Nothing much of further interest happens, begging the question as to why the driver bothered in the first place.

The video was later reuploaded by @skateparkrespect, calling out the driver for their bad behavior and decrying the disrespect shown to the skate park itself. These public facilities can cost significant sums to build and maintain, and already face plenty of community pushback from busybodies who still hold a “satanic panic” attitude towards skateboarding and other associated sports. Grown adults driving 4000-pound SUVs in a pedestrian-heavy space only draws further negative attention to local skate parks, and has the potential to cause grievous injuries should the worst happen.

Concerningly, this is the second report of such behavior in Colorado in recent months. This incident comes in the wake of a viral video from October 2021, where a Denver man lost control and wrecked a Can-Am Spider in a crowded local skate park. 

Despite the lurid slide caused by the driver wrenching on the throttle as he desperately tried to hang on to the bars, thankfully nobody else was injured. For his efforts, the grown adult male received the mocking laughter of the local children, which likely added emotional bruises to the very real physical ones.  

In any case, there’s not a whole lot to be gained from driving a big commuter SUV into a skate bowl, other than ripping the bumpers off or getting beached on the coping. If you really must hoon in a skate bowl, at least make some proper arrangements; don’t just go wading in with your car with kids skating around left, right, and center. 

Really, though, the young soul we hear in the background perhaps says it best—”he messed up his currr.” That he did, kiddo. That he did. 

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