All Future Acura Models, Even SUVs, Will Have a Type S Performance Variant

That’ll seemingly start with an MDX Type S, and possibly a smaller sports sedan.

byJames Gilboy|
Acura News photo

Acura's revival of the Type S nameplate on the 2021 TLX is no flash in the pan. Affirming reports of an MDX Type S performance crossover and a smaller sedan, Acura Brand Officer Jon Ikeda confirmed in an interview with MotorTrend published Friday that there will be high-performance, Type S badge-wearing varieties of every future Acura model.

"We want to put Type S on everything, starting with the TLX," Ikeda told MotorTrend. "We've already talked about it being on the MDX."

Indeed, Acura accidentally confirmed the MDX Type S in June, when a presentation meant for dealers' eyes only leaked to the public. Said presentation also confirmed that an as-of-yet unnamed sedan smaller than the TLX was coming, naturally with a Type S derivative of its own.

"We have to have an entry[-level sedan] and there's some space there," Ikeda commented on the coming compact. "We'll look at how to fill that correctly. We have the ILX and we have other things that are going to be coming as we transition to cover that area."

Unfortunately, Ikeda added that reusing the TLX's purpose-built sports sedan architecture for other models doesn't yet look likely.

"Currently, that's not in discussion," Ikeda said. "As future products get vetted out, who knows? But right now, this chassis is specifically designed for this vehicle[, the TLX]. If we were to expand and do derivatives, there's possibilities."

In better news, however, Ikeda refused to rule out a technical trickle-down from Acura to Honda. Don't assume this signals as grandiose a change as the Accord going rear-drive like the next-gen Mazda6 is rumored to, but don't be surprised if future fast Hondas have some Acura flair.

"I'm not [into] the big, 'Honda can't have what Acura has,' kind of thing," continued Ikeda. "I don't think that's the way this brand started. We were just trying to do really cool, high-performance products and it gets expensive. It's family. The whole, 'they can't have this,' or 'we can't get that,' I don't think that exists."

Ikeda declined to comment on the possibility of a third-gen NSX, whose nameplate Acura couldn't be faulted for shelving again due to poor sales. And when contacted by The Drive for further details on its plans for the Type S badge's rollout, Acura had nothing more to add.

"We are seeing tremendous enthusiasm in the market for the return of Acura Type S performance variants, starting with the TLX Type S this Spring," said spokesperson Andrew Quillin. "Nothing more to share today, but we're excited to share what comes next in the near future.

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