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New Transformers Trailer Gives Us an Even Better Glimpse of the Porsche 911 Autobot

The Autobot's name is Mirage and will be voiced by Pete Davidson.
Paramount Pictures

Yeah, I know. Yet another Transformers movie. But I might actually go and see this one just for the very excellent silver Porsche 964 911 Autobot. It’ll be voiced by Pete Davidson—whom I unironically love—so I don’t even care if the movie turns out stupid.

We’ve known about the 911 and the rest of the cars—including the safari-ified Chevy Camaro, Nissan R33 Skyline GT-R, and vintage VW Bus—in the upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Beasts film. But seeing as the trailer dropped on Thursday, we now have a better idea of how the Porsche will look on the big screen.

Here, I made some GIFs for you of it transforming. It looks sick.

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

The 911’s character will apparently be named Mirage, which makes sense because he seems to have the ability to create holograms of himself.

Spot the fakes. Paramount Pictures

Mirage was a race car in the original Transformers cartoon, but that’s clearly not the case here. He doesn’t speak in the trailer, but the movie’s director, Steven Caple Jr., posted a video of Davidson in the sound booth on his Instagram last month. Based on how well you know what Davidson sounds like and is like, you can imagine how Mirage will talk and act.

Additionally, parts of the movie will be set in Brooklyn, so I expect the vibe to be Brooklyn as all hell. New Yaaawk baby!

Thursday’s trailer also provides glimpses of the other cars that will be in the movie, including the Camaro, the Bus, and the quickest flash of the R33 Skyline.

Look, I don’t blame you if another Transformers title makes your eyes glaze over. The first movie that came out in 2007 was legitimately awesome and fun to watch, but the subsequent movies did get very tiring after that. Battle sequence fatigue is a real thing; my colleague Chris Tsui calls it “a lot of unintelligible CGI.” (Also, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was weirdly racist.)

But sometimes, you just want to put on a big, dumb action movie and turn your brain off for two hours. The Transformers films are great for that.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will be in theaters starting on June 9, 2023. You can see the trailer below.

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