LS-Swapped 1992 Mazda 929 For Sale Is A Budget Chevy SS

With an iron block LQ4 truck engine and a Chevy Colorado manual transmission, this obscure Mazda is ready to do burnouts.

byChris Rosales|
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The adage of “LS-swap everything” was taken to heart by countless enthusiasts in the United States. The size, power density, cost, and availability of the latest small block Chevy engines make them a no-brainer engine swap candidate for almost anything. But I think this LS-swapped 1992 Mazda 929 takes the cake for the most obscure and extraordinary LS swap ever.

Listed in the Facebook group Obscure Cars For Sale, this Mazda 929 started its life as an obscure and weird car. Known as the Mazda Sentia in Japan, it was a rear-wheel drive JE-ZE V6-powered luxury sedan that made its way here in 1991. In Japan, it debuted with advanced technology like rear-wheel steering and a complicated solar ventilation system that kept the cabin cool on hot days. For the United States, we got a random Mazda luxury sedan meant to compete with the Toyota Cressida.

Suffice to say, it didn’t last long. The fact that this one has survived long enough to be here still is remarkable, let alone have a relatively fresh LS swap. According to the seller, the swap was done a mere 500 miles ago. And it looks like it was done properly with an aftermarket wiring harness, a fairly nice engine bay, and a well-placed shifter. It does use the iron block LQ4 truck engine instead of a lighter aluminum block LS, possibly for cost savings.

The engine has some speed parts from a Pontiac GTO, namely the intake and LS2 fuel injectors. A GTO rear sump oil pan was fitted to fit the engine into the Mazda, and the engine mounts are presumably custom. Instead of the expensive T56 manual transmission that graces most LS-powered cars, a Chevy Colorado gearbox bolts up behind the modified LQ4. It’s something of a mashup of GM parts, most of them readily available and cheap compared to Camaro or Corvette parts.

The non-modified parts of the car look squeaky clean and genuinely well-kept. For the $8,000 the seller is asking for this oddity, I’d say this is a steal. I’m not sure where else anyone could get a manual V8 sedan for this cheap that is this unique and interesting. Calling it a budget Chevy SS is being very kind to it without knowing how it drives, but this car is neat and deserves a loving spot in someone’s garage.

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