For Sale: 26-Mile 1990 Chevy 454 SS Pickup Still Rocking Its Factory Plastic Wrap

If you missed your shot at a new one 30 years ago, now’s your chance—but it’s gonna cost ya.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Chevrolet News photo

As mechanics everywhere will tell you, car companies just don't build 'em like they used to. In this case, "them" refers to pavement-pounding super trucks meant to wow the masses while still being attainable by most Middle-Class Joes. The Chevrolet 454 SS pickup is the perfect example with its regular cab, short bed configuration and, most importantly, a walloping big-block V8. That being said, prices have since skyrocketed outside the average working man's budget, and this 26-mile beauty still covered in factory plastic might be the most extreme example of that.

Classic Cars of Sarasota

Located at Sarasota, Florida's Classic Cars lot is this 1990 Chevy coated in traditional black paint, complete with virtually every option available from the factory some three decades ago. Essentially, it's a loaded version of almost every other 454 SS you've seen before, but without so much as a normal daily commute tacked onto the odometer. As the dealer explained to The Drive, the truck was delivered to the original owner—a private collector from North Carolina—with 12 miles. In the time since it's only driven on and off trailers or across the occasional hangar.

Classic Cars of Sarasota

The gorgeous red cloth seats and carpet are still covered in plastic and, if you look at the gauge cluster, you'll find crayon markings made by the dealer that show exactly how original this truck is. There's zero fading anywhere, from the dash to the paint, and a Classic Cars sales manager told us it's never seen rain since it's lived its entire life in one garage or another. When you're a well-off collector, you can afford to permanently park your ride and just buy another for road use, like this one did with his second 454 SS that's got around 2,000 miles. It's also for sale.

Back to the crazy low-mile truck. Its paint has luckily avoided any swirling from the annual dust-off, and there are no scuffs to speak of, at least from what we can tell in the photos. That includes the bed, the 15-inch get the picture. Even its engine is clean enough to eat off, but make sure you don't drip any ketchup on that glossy black intake cover.

Classic Cars of Sarasota

Given the fact that the 454 SS was produced for just four model years, production capped out around 17,000 units. As a result, this picture-perfect pickup is also exceedingly rare. While most owners took care of their beloved Chevys, perhaps none looked after (or neglected, you be the judge) them as much as this guy.

We know you've been waiting all this time to find out how much it costs, so we'll put it in plain English: $52,900. That's quite the appreciation considering the truck's included window sticker shows an MSRP of $18,863 (equivalent to around $37,000 today. Should you need financing options, the online listing says that terms up to 84 months are available, though we'd keep it as short as possible.

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